Mind Alert™ Mobile Application keeps your mind alert while at work or at school or if you are driving. Beat the stress and stay active.Get custom alert before you fall asleep.

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Mind Alert™ Features

The application is available on the Apple App store only. The application is integrated with Apple Health App that gets real-time updates for necessary health data from the Apple Watch. This means you need to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone to use the Mind Alert application.

  • Easy Sign-Up Process

    With just few clicks, you will be able to create an account on Mind Alert.

  • Flexible Subscription Plans

    With 7-Days free use, we have flexible monthly and yearly plans.

  • Profile

    Profile Create your own custom profile with basic details about your lifestyle.

  • IWatch Integration

    Connect your iWatch with Mind Alert App with just one click.

  • Easy Calibration

    With just one click, calibrate your iWatch with Mind Alert Application.

  • Sensitivity Levels

    Select the sensitivity level on which you want notifications to be sent to your phone.

  • Custom Notification Sounds

    Mind Alert allows you to select the notification tone to your liking and according to your environment.

  • Track Your Activity

    Keep yourself active and track your physical activity progress round the clock.


Go App Store

Go to Apple App Store and Search for Mind Alert App OR you can simply click on the App Store links provided above.


Create an Account

Create an Account and Your Custom Profile to Get Started



Connect your iWatch with the Mind Alert App and select the appropriate sensitivity level.


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Mind Alert App will help you keep focus on your work and always stay alert. Do not forget to rate us on the store.

"MindAlert" phone app is to be used as guides/aids only. They may not work for everyone and are not to be solely relied upon to stay awake, prevent getting a DUI or excuse illegal activity. They are not a replacement for sound judgment, getting a proper amount of rest and making safe choices. Do not drink and drive. Do not operate motor vehicles or heavy machinery under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication, or drive while drowsy. Human Autonomous Solutions, LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for the use, misuse or inability to properly use their products. Your results may vary.

How it Works

Check the screens below to see how Mind Alert App Functions! Isn't it amazing.

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Stay Focused

Keep Your Mind Alert

Get an Alert before you Fall Asleep

Stay Awake While Driving

Keep check on your daily steps and calories burned

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Stay Focused

Keep Your Mind Alert

Get an Alert before you Fall Asleep

Stay Awake While Driving

Keep check on your daily steps and calories burned

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Scenarios in which the driver has fallen asleep behind the wheel end in disaster. In these cases, the Mind Alert APP would have been of great help in preventing that from happening! Truck drivers, School Bus drivers, Elderly drivers, Teenage drivers, or drivers that are busy people need this APP on their phone!

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